That Damn Dog

Does your sweet little pooch goggle up everything is site? Find the most foul and dangerous morsels to dive into? Do you have a trick for helping them evacuate their tummies of these dangerous snacks? Well if you answered yes to all of these questions then you must live with a dog like Pippi. She has always been a compulsive eater, from kibble to crumbs and well whatever else she can find; the damn dog eats it all. In glorious form she decided to chew up and ingest half of a rubber dog toy on our last day at Josh’s parent’s house. We awoke the next morning not to yakked up pink plastic but to diarrhea. For the next four days we were taking Pippi out every two hours for deposits. It was official she was in bad shape and we were no way to get her to a vet. On the fourth day we drove in the wee hours of the morning to get her some professional care. The vet immediately scooped her up and made a plan to get her healthy. They did a barium test and x-rays to find the exact spot of said lodged toy. Pippi spent the day at the clinic and we got some much needed sleep. Around 3:00 we got a phone call letting us know that she was ready to come home. By the time the barium made its way through her system they had the irritation under control. So in the end she passed the bits and cost us a little bit of cash but she is just fine.

Since originally sketching out this post Pippi has also consumed part of a Puppy bone, which she yakked up, and mouse poison, which we made her yak up.

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  1. I am very glad to hear she is okay! That would be scary… my dogs don’t eat to much “foreign” stuff, but Kayloo will eat everything and anything that resembles food. Her stomach is a bit tougher now, but for a long time we would have to pay for her appetite for days if ya know what I mean.

  2. During her first year, she’s now survived to 8, our Button ate, chewed and literally destroyed all kinds of plastic toys for my day-care kids. The worst was when she swallowed a small quilting needle with thread. Just knew she was going to die. But an x-ray at the vet’s revealed nothing. And we can finally have army guys again. LOL

  3. Poor Pippi and SHE says poor YOU! Kendra eats the most disgusting stuff. Bella is starting to be like her. So far they’ve stuck to dried, smushed birds and frogs, cat poo and bird poo.

    At least nothing that has required medical attention…..yet!

    We had a ‘dead bird’ incident the other day on the main road that ended in a broken collar, VERY irritated human and Kendra being booted back home…..well nudged with the foot a few times.

    Hope everyone is recovering.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Oh yes, don’t they though? They seem to get anything stuck in their beard into their mouth! Been there – done that! And after a couple hundred..make them many hundreds..dollars later…

    So glad she is doing better!



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