Rosie and Ewan

After Thanksgiving we were able to have our first Tweet-up, Pippi has her own Twitter account. A girl needs to be able to keep up with her fans. Our pal Lauren ( stopped by with her Scotties Lauren and Ewan to meet us. Her little fur-kids were a hoot. Rosie is 6; with her tiny frame and outgoing personality both Josh and I thought she was a puppy. Ewan, the younger, acted like the stoic older brother keeping a watchful eye on Rosie while she explored the trailer and played with us. I usual fashion Pippi planted herself right next to Lauren for maximum lovin’. Pippi also managed to steal a few treats from the gentle Ewan, the bully. It was such a joy to meet them all and Lauren had extra time to join us for dinner. A true treat for us!

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  1. You guys stay safe on the roads out there. Lots of nasty weather all over.

    Maggie and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

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