My pal over at Rockmad posted today about bloggers block, what is a girl to do?  Steal from those you love 🙂  So I hit up some of my favs and decided to copy from Shauna over at Fido and Wino.  She was being super sweet and thanking her hubby for helping out with a great shot.  Over the years I too have made Josh be my model.  Mostly for the food blog.  As wonderful as he is there are times when he just does not want to play.  Thanks for the inspiration ladies.


9 thoughts on “Klepto-blogging

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  1. Looks like he doesn’t think she’s going to get it–no matter how many times he demonstrates it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Aren’t husbands just great!!! Mine is the “presidential taster”, “the fashion police”, “the dish dryer”….couldn’t live without him. Love the gifts you may buy…we just finished making scottie cookies for our cookie exchange. Will decorate them with ribbons, maybe a nice plaid. Thanks for always stopping by. Hope you get a bed all to yourself for Christmas, even if just for a few hours:)

  3. Hi Pippi we read about you over at Jazzi’s blog…we have been friends with Jazzi for a while now. What an amazing journey you and your peeps are taking!!!
    We wish you safe travels and a Merry Christmas,
    Madi and Mom

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