Josh’s Vacation

When you spend 24/7 together like Josh and I do there are times that you take separate vacations.  Like my Mexico trip this spring, Josh went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area with his family for a weekend.  He actually left a few days before the trip to work on our house.  We have added a third bedroom in order to hopefully spark some interest and get it sold.  He was also able to go to the annual Jesse James Rugby Tournament his club, St. Paul Pigs, puts on and see all his buddies.  I have to say that I was a little sad to miss that part of the trip but not the canoe section.  I am not a fan of BWCA, I do enjoy canoeing, but my first trip up there was horrible.  The storm we were caught in on the first day pushed even a veteran to these trips.  I just don’t have a nice time and there is only so much room in a canoe.  This year along with Josh’s sister and her husband, their dad was able to come.  He has been wanting to make this trip for years, since he and Josh came as a Boy Scout troupe.  They had a very special trip, it was a little cool and the fish weren’t biting but ….. cool weather means no bugs!!!  I think that is a pretty fair trade-off.  Pippi and I are very happy to have him back, we have been apart for a good portion of this summer.

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  1. Hi
    Prettty lake picture. Glad that everyone is back together again. Thats cool that you know a scottie that is a service dog. Do they have a blog?, that would be cool to follow.


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