Being a Heel

We took the boat out this week, to perfect winds, well perfect for a couple of dudes like us.  As you can see by the grin on Josh’s face he is having a ball.  I am sure we weren’t going as fast as it seamed but let me tell you we were cruising.  It still amazes me that how much I love sailing.  Just so nice to be outside and feeling the air.  I have no doubt that we are doing tons of things wrong but who cares.  I swear we are almost tipped the boat over but I guess that impossible.

Like I said we got her going a few times. 

Yeah this is just so much fun

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  1. beleive it or not I used go sailing on Mt Sterling lake with Toughy Wilson many years ago. It was a small boat but fun. I know you guys are having a ball.

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