Tough Week

We are going on three weeks of unsuccessful shows, not that they were a total bust but three weeks of things just not going as they should.  This can be a tough tour to begin with but having good shows makes it easier.  I get tired of the death and dieing and hearing about people’s loss.  I know that just part of being in the truck, guest think that I am in the funeral industry. Still it can be a drag, at least I know I would make a terrible Funeral Director.

This week will be a relaxing one, we are heading to Dubuque to see Josh’s folks and get summer clothes.  It is always a battle to keep the suitcases filled correctly.  I don’t want to keep everything in storage in Detroit but then the seasons change fast and I have to get out a buy something.  Tough life huh!

I plan to visit the eye doctor while there, I am starting to notice that I don’t focus and fast as I used too.  I guess it is time, being the just about the only person in my family without glasses.  Even my little cousin Amy just got some.  She is a doll either way.

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  1. I imagine it would be depressing to hear about death and dieing and your exhibit would make people want to discuss it. I know when I worked in the dental field, everyone wanted to show me their dental work – yuck!!

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