And We Were All Yellow

What is yellow and black and all over the floor, the paint for the wee hot rod!!!! So last weekend the go-cart was painted but as most projects go this one was not without problems. That one being the paint gun not functioning properly. I been told the color is more like an orange, they are thinking about naming it the Illini Kid. Derrick has a pedal car named the Illinois Kid.

Just a little on the floor

2 thoughts on “And We Were All Yellow

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  1. Paint spots on the garage floor are what memories are all about. That is all your dad will have left when the go cart is gone. Don't do him a favor and clean the garage floor. That would take away the only memory he will have left.

  2. Not this guy, did you notice the white walls with pictures hanging. Not your typical garage. He has a cool paint job on the floor that makes it look like a showroom. That all has to be redone now.

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