We Don’t Need No Stinking Seats

This little go cart project has turned into a family affair, here is my mom building the seats. This again is not a strange thing for my family. I come from a long line of talented seamstress, my own mother was going to make my wedding gown. Would not have been a first for her.... Continue Reading →

And We Were All Yellow

What is yellow and black and all over the floor, the paint for the wee hot rod!!!! So last weekend the go-cart was painted but as most projects go this one was not without problems. That one being the paint gun not functioning properly. I been told the color is more like an orange, they... Continue Reading →

And We Go

Well "we" don't go but the cart goes. Here you can see that they are just done with the first steps. The basics I guess. To lament my mom didn't get any shots of them working on it but this is just the beginning. As promised it will only be worked on when my brother... Continue Reading →

The Hot Rod Go Cart

I have decided to make the building of my Dad/Nephew's go cart a regular part of the blog. I will post pictures and videos as they built it. I missed this chance with the last Hot Rod my dad built, the one that we matched my wedding colors too. I think it is just one... Continue Reading →

Yeah He’s Cool

So my dad got this crazy idea to build a go cart for my nephew, my 5 year old nephew. Now I don't know how he did it but my brother said yes! It's not that strange since he has build race cars in the past and some amazing Hot Rods. I know I have... Continue Reading →

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