Thank You

What will 2010 hold, I have some predictions and some wishes. Josh and I were very lucky, we had an amazing year. I read many blogs that talk about how hard things were and hopes for a better year. How can I ask for a better year when the last was so amazing. I know when we go back on duty that we won’t be on the road for a while, but a new year opens up the chance for new tours and adventures. We are so thankful for the 2009, traveling took up to see friends and family that brought us closer. It keeps me better connected with those I love. I know we are rare in this boat but financially we are on more stable ground then ever. I am challenged at work and love my husband more each day. We are blessed with an amazing little furry bundle of joy.

My list of thank yous is for supportive parents, honest friends, outgoing families, wonderful coworker, inspirational blog buddies (some of you are FIRL) and to all those that reach out to us on the road. We rely on so many that are strangers the day we meet to get our job done.

I love my life, my family and hope for more crazy adventures. You never know where the Roving Van Gelders will turn up.

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