Mt. Vernon, Not to be Missed

On our last day in DC a trip to Mt. Vernon was agreed on. Last winter we had a chance to go but passed it up for the Marine Corp Museum. Even though that was definitely worth the visit, George Washington was an amazing American. The original, the one who helped tell us how to be Americans. The society that keeps this property open should be applauded, everything is perfect and most is exactly like it was when the Washington’s lived there. We were even able to visit the top floor of the house, it is closed in summer. I guess that is a fair trade off being that most of the working farm was not doing anything. A special treat was handmade hot chocolate, not the sweet kind we are used to but a rich flavorful mix, for sale at $6 a cup. There is a museum on the grounds that really covers his life and those around him, it is an artifact rich collection. All presented in creative displays and theaters. I am guessing the Abe people took a few tips form these guys. We stayed for five hours and can’t wait to see it in summer.

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