I love DC

No trip to DC would be complete without a little girl time, two of my closest friends live there. If I can catch them both in the city then it is a recipe for a good time. Josh and I went over to their house and made dinner, we were treated to homemade birthday cake as well.

We spent the day hitting a few museums, the first was the Native American Smithsonian, it was OK. Honestly I wouldn’t put this on the top list of what to do. It is a stunning building but really lacks in content and interest. I did enjoy the fiddle examples, since my family has made fiddles. There was even a documentary made about a fiddle maker in my family. Maybe it is our Native American roots that lend its hand to this.

And we couldn’t pass up the chance to say hello to Gen. Grant. It is three short years ago that Josh perposed to me under a Grant monument in Galena.

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