Heartache and Heartbreak

I got word yesterday that one my closest friends lost him faithful companion Lasha, she was a 12 yr old Husky. Lasha holds a special place in my heart and our family. She was no ordinary Husky, a very calm friendly girl who was always glad to see me and the girls. When we brought Pippi to visit the first time they chased each other around the house and played games until they were both exhausted, sleeping with one eye open of course. Willa and Lasha had a very special bond and would sit outside together for hours watching leaves and who knows what. I still think it was Lasha that talked Pippi into rolling in that skunk. I would spend hours kissing and hugging on her when I would come for a visit. One night I awoke to Lasha hurling herself in bed with me. I will miss her velvety mussle and those loving eyes, as I write this it is hard to fight back the tears. Lasha of the Northwoods we will all miss you.

Today I got the phone call that has been 9 months in coming, my girlfriend Robyn and her husband are back from Kosovo. She is one of my oldest friends and talking to her was a bit overwhelming this morning. We met the first day of college infront of the dorms. Her inlaws live very close to my folks and it looks like I will be getting my hug very soon.

So heartbreak and heartache are the waves I am riding today.

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