Dealing With It

I was a college in 2001 and on my way to class when the second plane hit. As Americans we are effected differently and I guess just like every blogger today you all have to hear my version.

I am now closer to my friends, some of you know that not only is my husband a vet but my best friend is too. She is in Kosovo right now serving with her husband but did a 19 month tour in Iraq. She is a Captain in the Army and works hard to prove the necessities for rebuilding communities. These are not the only vets I know, most of our friends have served. The pain and fear that most felt after the attacks is not shared with me. My classmates were called up, empty desks filled my thoughts, never did I think of my way of life being taken away. I have for the last 8 years lived with the knowledge that there will come a day when all of my friends will not return. It is a part of my life, as are APO mailing boxes.

Also taking a semi around the country that honors the sacrifice of Americans makes it easier. We provide some closure and release.

It's just how we deal with it.

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