Bear to be Apart

We are within three feet of one another really all day everyday, so when our tour truck needed to make 2,800 miles in three days I had to leave the tour. Another driver came in and I flew to Detroit, getting a few hours in the office while I was there.

While in town I stayed at the company apartment with the Bunchs. They are the Lincoln team and we have all spent lots of time together. Pippi was especially glad to see them, she has quite the crush on Lynn.

This trip was also marked with the. Opening of a Key West Coffee right next to the shop. For months now we have been driving by waiting for it to be finished. Amazing how some yummy morning beverages can change your drive to work, plus I love key lime pie. We stopped for lunch and both meals were de-lish, the fresh pie was perfect too. It doesn’t take much to make my day.

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