Getting the Business

As we toddle around the country sharing with our fellow Americans everything from Museums to new technologies in medical equipment sacrifices must be made. We live from a suitcase, what you pack is what you have till you make it home, or your good friends will scour the house and mail it to you. We eat out all our meals, no dishes to be done but cutting calories is a battle. We stay in hotels each night; here is the subject of my beef. I don’t know how hotels cab get away with somethings. They use a chain name so that you have some sense of what you are getting and I can handle one or two things wrong with a room but when the is no water pressure, no hot water in a tiny bathroom, in a tiny room whose TV remote does not work in a dog unfriendly hotel then you are just lieing about being a “Comfort Inn”. Oh and the bathroom tile floor was so cold.that it made my toes hurt.

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