Down Time = Fun Time

When we are on the road we are working, 24/7 we are at work. If you are on a tour the truck is always your responsibility and you can get called at any moment to take care of something. However this doesn’t mean you can’t take full advantage of your “down time”. The time we have that is unassigned; not spent in the truck or at a show. Since we are based out of Detroit and always looking for fun things to do getting a membership to the Henry Ford Museum was a given. We will make sure to go now and won’t have an excuse for not getting out of the hotel.

Our first visit was a good one but we hustled through a bit to make sure and save some fun for later. And yeah we had FUN!!!

Very cool chair made of knotted wood

Stunning handcrafted hutch

Maybe we can get ones of these for our cabin

Josh with r2d2 – there was a special event going on

I like this look for a kitchen just want a stove added 🙂

There is a Bulldog on that train


Coming in for a landing

The car exhibit is so cool

The foundation of modern NASCAR

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