This is what happens

When you eat the last cookie or when everyone is hopped up on cake and new presents.

When you eat the last cookie!

After sharing gifts and goodies with Josh’s siblings we loaded up for Grandma’s. Sounds easy until nearly everyone started getting sick. We all have different symptoms but one big case of the icks. Nothing can cut this families spirit we are all gathered around singing carols.

They have a creative spin on gift exchanges, you still draw a name to buy for but the recipient gives the initials of their most wanted gift. Your task it to find something that matches the letters. You can get funny or just creative. Mine were D.A. (Dubuque Address) and I got dog accessories. We bought for E.M. and gave an Evil Monkey and Easy Money. Makes for lots of laughs.

As much as I love my in laws my heart aches a little each year that I don’t spent it on the farm.

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