Sites and Sounds of Detroit

Five days in Detroit is a long trip even for someone with a rental car. So a little about my last few days, non-work stuff. The promotion what are the Detroit Athletic Club, which is across from the brand new Tigers Stadium, you are can look right in from the street.

I had to run errands and find a mall, I swear this mall was nicer and bigger then MOA just no amusement part. Even had a Moochie and Co!!!!!

I spent about three hours on the phone trying to get Willa on a flight to me since Delta is so hard to work with shipping dogs. Sky West is just as bad. In the end shipping her fright to me on NWA but American was great to us as well.

So now I am sitting in the truck driving to New York with a very funny guy from New Hampshire names Joe. He is a treat to be around and has been sharing all kinds of good info about the company!!! We meet Josh tomorrow, boy will I be glad to see him.

Once again this is a brand new experience, so many new things this trip.

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