Explaining the Tour….Finally

So thought is was about time that I explained the tour a little better. We are going to be traveling to six different cities in six weeks for the launch of the new Mazda6. The events are designed to introduce media representatives to the new model and to give them a great experience. We feed them, give premiums and just make sure they are impressed over all.

Our job is to arrive at the event site the day before and set up. Set up involves pulling the trucks into the lot and pulling out all the displays and putting the exhibit together. There are some really big things to set up and then lots, I mean LOTS of things to put together. Like tables, signs, walls and such. The trailer that one guy drives contains the school area, that is what I am in charge of. I have to help with it all but it is on me to get the school ready.

So we unpack and set up then the event is the next morning. As soon as they wrap up we tear down. So it all come apart. Then we pack the stuff into a truck and that is what Josh and I drive.

So any questions?

The classroom inside the expandable trailer

The trailer

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