Working at the RNC

This week I worked at a part of the RNC, Civic Fest in the Minneapolis Convention Center. I was booked at additional help at a mobile exhibit and when I showed up I just about lost it. I was working at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum tour. They are celebrating the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth. Not only am I from the Land of Lincoln, grew up and worked in Springfield but my family visited the library during it’s first season. Just too much. The tour is run by a very nice married couple Loyd and Lynn. They have been on the road touring for 5 years.

If you read the previous post you know we are now going on tour, this is thanks to Loyd. He made a call and got us our big break. For a few months now Josh and I have been trying to get tour and preparing. So WOW it is here.

To scale model of the White House

Me with Lincoln Hat on the Trailer

An FDR in a Limo (No Fala)

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