On Being Domestic and Falling off the Wagon

This is a two parter, a more introspective bit then I usually put out here.

For years I refused to be domestic, even though it is in my blood. Two reasons, I didn’t want to be seen as anything but a modern woman and I was scared. Now I have been sewing since before I could push down the peddle myself; and my Grandmother and now Mother make the most amazing cookies. However when I was growing up I was a total princess. My mother would rather get it done then try to pull me out of the clouds to help. She had to work and the last thing she needed was fight me when she got home. So I just didn’t learn to cook or bake. But it has always been there, my need to bake and I have stopped fighting it. Now if I could just learn this cooking thing, my pallet is not very developed and I just don’t know so much. I have decided that for my own mental health I am going to do something domestic each day. Yesterday I made dog biscuits, just like with your kids it makes me feel so good to see my dogs gobble up goodies I made.

Now, falling off the wagon, I don’t have food issues or problems with my weight. However I do have certain habits that I have to watch, candy and fast food. Because of my job I can’t gain much and these are killers. I limit my fast food intake to twice a month but the last three weeks have been crazy! So here is me trying to get back on track. I am a much happier person when I am healthy.

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