We should all drink from Goblets

I got a little present today, Josh bought me some vintage Schlitz Goblets. I am Gusto Girl, part of the relaunch for Schlitz Beer. As I type this is realize that not everyone knows what I do for a living. I am a model, mostly print but as married life and furry babies come I like staying home. So I have started to do more promotional modeling so I can stay here. I work campaigns. Some are silly like a urban race for cell phones but some are cool like Schlitz Beer or Pontiac. I have a new Vibe, so yeah I don’t mind pushing for them. I will post a way for you to help me at Pontiac this week.

So, we went away for a few days and stopped on the way home at an antique store. He came out with a special surprise for me, two Schlitz Goblets. Just like from the old adds. I love them. Beer should always be consumed from a goblet. Inspiration has come to me on the decor of our den. We plan to cover one of the walls with tin beer, fishing and local MN signs. It will be cool 🙂

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