Glory Days

We went out for drinks on Friday with a friend of ours from college. He came up from Chicago to see the girl he dates. The evening was a trip, they were all around telling stories of the glory days of College. When I look back and get reminiscent I don’t often think of High School, my 2nd and 3rd year of college hold my most fond memories. High School for me was very painful and not something I like to think about. However I was quite popular in college. One of the subjects that came up in the evening was that I never wore pants in college. I always wore a dress or a skirt. Before I went to university my mother gave a book to read with tips to be a better student. I have never been a good student and this was my only shot. One tip was to dress the part. If you wear jammies to class you are in the a sleep mode. If you wear something nice then you are there to work. Another effect is that when a professor thinks of you they see you as being prepared for class, you did not just stumble out of bed to be there.

I am sure the short skirts had some effect on my popularity but to this day amongst those who knew me then, I am still a fashionista. One of our friends married a girl who I majored with she still brings up how she would look forward to what I was wearing.

On Josh and mines first date he was planning to pick me up after a class to go to dinner. He said just wear what you are wearing to class. For me that was gray trousers, heals and a laces top, for him that was a Hawaiian shirt and Chucks. Yes we are match made in heaven.

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