What an amazing trip, a perfect week in Mexico. The weather was to die for and each day seamed longer then the first. We were there shooting but when you are all friends it is more of a vacation. Here are some of the fun shots.

We took a ferry to Playa Del Carmen and then a taxi on to Tulum. Since Tulum is not as popular as other ruins it was not too crowded and you were able to stop and really take some cool pictures.
Yes we are this gorgeous all the time!

Me , Elizabeth and Candace

Here is one of Scott the photographer taking a break.

There was a Carnival in Cozumel that week and we caught a little parade. The kids were dresses up like circus animals and there was even a cute little Ring Master.

I just couldn’t resist this one, Candace is shoot Elizabeth and Scott was using a beach chair as a reflector. Note that he didn’t put the beer down.

We did go out and shake our groove thing at a tourist bar, they are the only things open during the week.

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