We have a few days left in Detroit before our mini-cation.  This coming weekend will see us visiting Chicago, the original plan was to meet up with another couple to attend the US vs. Australia rugby match at Soldier Field, but now we are also going to the Bears preseason game!!!  Very exciting.  Next week is slightly up in the air, there is one stop scheduled at Ft. Belvoir in Virginia but after that it’s not finalized.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Week in Review: This turned out to be a fun week.  While in the office we caught up with favorite compatriots, met with the boss man and had a great talk, went to a Tigers game, and attended a little work party.  Not to shaby.

Fun Photo of the Week:

Years ago we worked on a project called Reflections: The American Funeral, this tour was a multi-year undertaking took us across the country to both small and large communities. People often balked at the thought of a funeral tour but enter any museum and what do you find? The funerary artifacts of a culture. We study their lives from how they honored the dead. While at the Nelson Atkins a year ago, what was most striking in a special exhibit on Saudi Arabia were archeological finds from tombs.

Reflections-Washington, DC-3.8-10 (45)

There was once a reporter who, after learning about our work with this project called it one of our less glamorous assignment. I beg to differ, this was actually a very glamorous project. We were special guests in communities, attended conventions with well known public figures, met governors, and had access to countless media resources. Getting this truck noticed was much easier than many others. It makes me thankful that I was involved with it. By taking part in Reflections I gained exposure and experience in many avenues of the event marketing industry.  The owner at the time Harry, was wonderful in his faith that we could manage and represent a project he closely advocated to see created. I gained a trusted relationship with future mentor, made contacts that I would be lost without, and friendships I cherish. Working on Reflections was everything glamorous. The value from this less conventional project was immeasurable.


Doing the Purge

What better way to celebrate my 1000th post then to write Travel Tuesday.


I was a bit inspired this week by the weekend closet purge performed by a friend. She also works for MRA and spends long stretches living out of her suitcase like we do. However she is facing some other amazing milestones, an upcoming birthday, her wonderful boyfriend is starting his new career, and she is at year one on the road. This led to some inspired evaluation of her closet and dresser. Josh and I did our major purge more than six years ago when we moved out of our house but I can relate. We still seem to get rid of items at every turn, where does it all come from? I’m certain that I’ve written about this subject before but upon starting this job we got some great advice from a couple who at the time was starting their eighth year. Give until it hurts. It took us a full year to be ready to move out of and put our house on the market, cleaning out closets until it was took much or was too emotional. We didn’t try to push any further and would stop. This is also why we have some random things in the closet. While they are probably never going to get worn, or for some taken out of a dust bag, they just can’t be parted with. I still have a dress I wore to a formal in college, the shirt Josh had on for our first date, a navy blue suit that probably doesn’t fit, and Josh’s Marine Corp uniforms. The thought of parting with them hurts so I don’t. However each time we are home things that got taken out of the suitcase and put in a drawer usually then make the “Goodwill” pile and as a side bonus other pitch items in knowing we are going to make the trip to donate. It all becomes a part of living this way.


I cherish the artwork we have picked up from our travels but not that sweater I needed when it snowed in Texas. Having to pack all your things into a suitcase or boxes gives them a different priority. Your style changes as you grow and life changes, let go of those things. When there is only room for one hoodie, you tend to pick just the right one. This takes the longest to figure out, there just isn’t room for things that aren’t functional. Or that’s just the excuse I use to own so much Lululemon.


Thank you all for the last 1000!!!

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

It was fun while it lasted, we spent just two weeks out with this tour, now we are going back into the shop for a few modifications.  So it will be a few days in Indianapolis then some time in Madison Heights.  However next week has some excitement.  We will be heading to Chicago for some fun times; taking in the USA vs Australia Rugby match.  There are lots of friends joining us.  Maybe a Bears game in there too!!!!

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Week in Review: We had the opportunity to stay at a hotel on the Susquehanna River in New York.
Fun Photo of the Week:

The Layover

We recently caught an episodes of Travel Channel’s The Layover. We are both already fans of Anthony Bourdain, although some of his recent project have not been to my taste. As his life and world view have changed, so have the work. The Layover appealed to us because there are so many occasions when we have a limited amount of time, resources, or mobility in cool locations. The Layover is all about finding the thing to do in a place. This is easier when you aren’t traveling every day, we often don’t have the time or inclination to pre-plan. There are certain gems that you must experience. New Orleans is one of those places, no matter how much or little time you have, there is a memory to be made.

This is an oldy but a goody

This is an oldy but a goody

After watching Bourdain’s 48 hours in Nola, it got us both thinking about how much we enjoy that city but not for the obvious reasons. There is no other place in the US with such a unique culture, not always noticeable on Bourbon Street. This is not to say that you shouldn’t take part in that wild time once, but the city offers much more and better places to booze and hear music. Part of living this lifestyle is meeting people from all over and gathering a large network. We have the privilege to know a couple of really cool cats in New Orleans, including a native. Hanging out with a local in the know is truly awesome and has been a large part in formulating our opinion of Nola.

Pippi going Steampunk for the parade

Pippi going Steampunk for the parade

The different cultures and classes live so close together, that they blend and it creates what is uniquely New Orleans. Different interest and world views are mixed together and appreciate to grow what is NoLa. This is very apparent in the food. While there are many traditional Louisiana foods, anything you eat in the city has a bit of the melting pot to it. That is also to say that New Orleans is not the place to start your diet. Next time you are thinking about going to a city as well known as this one consider some options that don’t make the top 10. I assure you that it will still be fun and possibly a more authentic visit.

A fabulous dinner at Three Sister, one of my favs

Wordless Wednesday

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Staying Fit On The Road

My in-laws recently took on a weeklong road trip with their oldest grandson; upon conclusion one of the comments about the experience was how hard it had been to eat vegetables when dining at restaurants.  I had a chuckle, we often feel the same way, staying fit and healthy on the road is a real challenge.  So many things can get in your way; we don’t have a daily routine to workout in, restaurants offerings can be shockingly unhealthy, there is NO consistency to equipment or availability of hotel gyms.  I gained more than 15 lbs. in the first few years of travel life, now for those who knew me before some of that was welcome.  I was a model and spent a minimum of two hours at the gym five days a week; I was fit but very thin.  This is not a statement seeking attention or validation of my size, I am very happy with how I look but it’s fitness that is always a concern.  I can tell you that unwittingly we eat a heck of a lot more butter and sugar than we would like because of restaurant food.  So I thought I would share a little about how we stay fit on the road.  I can tell you we have tried many things and like anyone working out, variety is the key.


  • In-room exercise videos are gold.  We are both fans of T25 and Insanity; you can take them anywhere!!  Neither of these systems requires external equipment like weights or kettle bells.   Beach Body also has an app subscription option to give you mobile access to many more programs; there are a number of similar services out there.  Videos you can do in your room or if the hotel gym has the room are great.


  • Find a routine that is going to work for you, a time of day or a system that you can do and keep yourself accountable too. I run, it’s free and it feels great. It is not always possible to get in a run due to work schedule or even feasible in the hotel area. When I can’t run I either do T25 or a yoga video.   This is incredibly hard to do and to stick too. We do not live in routine but figuring out what you can do will be the key.


  • Use a Calorie counter until you figure it out. There isn’t really one that is better than the other, all are useful. Deciding what and how much to eat is much easier when you get a hint of how many calories are in a dish. You would be amazed at how bad certain places are; Olive Garden is the worst!! Also make sure you count your booze too; that is a HUGE problem when you first start out. It takes a long time to train yourself to not have a beer or wine with dinner. You spend a lifetime thinking of eating out as an occasion, then it becomes just part of your day. Nearly all of us gain the “freshman 15” from booze starting out.


  • I use a fitbit, I LOVE my fitbit. LOVE LOVE LOVE my fitbit. Yes I workout and my job does keep me active but having a fitbit and using the app lets me know when I’ve gotten lazy. It is a great tool to keep yourself going.


There is no one way to stay fit but being conscious of the pitfalls will help.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***


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