We are making some mile this week, leaving Illinois for North Carolina.  With one stop in Greensboro we are motoring to Birmingham, AL.  As you can see we trying to hit every region in a short amount of time.  Dallas and Kansas City are coming close behind.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Song of the week: Home Grown Tomatoes – Guy Clark, this is just a fun song performed by a very talented musician.

Week in Review:  We had a chance to see Sin City 2, being big fans of the first but wanting to wait until it had been out a bit. We were the only ones in the theater, a fun experience, but I understand why. It was very disappointing, while the first was thrilling and moved quickly the second is painfully sentimental.  It is not a must see but if you are going to partake see it in 3D.

I got my camera back from the shop, I am rough on them and very thankful I purchased the warranty. Going a month without it was hard

Being back in Illinois was refreshing, even more so after we hit a cool bar called The Beer Market in Schaumburg.  There is nothing “special” about it other than it’s a well put together place.  The taps are varied and rotating, the bottle selection is amazing, simple food served fast, the music is loud enough to hear but you can easily have conversations and the staff was super fun.  These smiles are after a 13 hour day, this place has a great vibe.

Look at all those bottles

Look at all those bottles

How many people do you know (maybe even yourself) that was introduced to a spouse via a friend? I consider many of my friends to be a gift, a piece of my life that is just the bee’s knees. Recently I looked at how many of my friends have given me the gift of another friend. These random crossings of social groups have gifted me with some amazing people.


After moving to Minneapolis I had a hard time meeting people but one day at lunch a guy came up to me, inquiring about my W.I.U. tote. There are not many in Minnesota familiar with my university and a conversation ensued. I found out he was from Iowa and totally understood my difficulties. We just had so much in common. To the point that one day he was telling a story about his Army days, one I swore that I had already heard. I had heard it before, but only because I knew from college the other people in the story. We knew right then we were forever friends. He was single at the time and I didn’t really care for the ladies he dated. One day he asked Josh and I to join him for dinner to meet someone special. And special she is. My buddy Austin gifted me with his wife Katherine. Someone I feel so connected to her that we call each other “sister friend”.


Friends who run together stay together

Friends who run together stay together

I was hired by a photographer named Scott more than a few years ago for a shoot in Mexico. While at this shoot I met a gal named Candace. We hit it off immediately and she realized that in a month she would be making a stop in Minneapolis. We made plans and very cherished friendship was born. The next year Candace (who is friends with photographer Scott) suggested to him that I be brought back along with friend Elizabeth. By the end of the trip you would have no idea that the three of us had not been besties since childhood. Those two gals are oh so important to me. A few years after that photographer Scott recalled that I lived in Minneapolis and phoned when he was going to be in town on an errand. He spent the weekend with Josh and I and another friendship was born. I often post photos here after we visit him in Texas. That one chance meeting of Candace has gifted me with so many wonderful people.


My Ladies

My Ladies

Many of you know Lynn of Rocky Creek Scottish Terriers, someone I am lucky enough to call a friend. Never in a million years would I expect her to have the coolest daughter in the world and get to hang out with her a few times a year. Lynn’s friendship is a gift but her Kat rocks!!


Think about how you have some of the special people in your life, do you own a Thank You to someone for that friend?




Wordless Wednesday


What Facebook Means To Me

A few weeks back a friend of mine posted a rant (he rants, I laugh) on his blog about his dislike of Facebook. I figured I would share a little bit about my “like” of social media site.

While I do understand how irritating it can be to have a feeder blocked up with…well crap, Facebook offers much more. Especially after the advent of the “unfollow” function. I have been known to cut someone off after being forced to read the oh so important announcement of a grocery list or WAY to many selfies. I’ll take a little annoyance to see a photo posted of someone who happens to be in the same city as we are. That occurred a few weeks ago and lead to a wonderful visit with my buddy Sean from Minneapolis, both were in Detroit the same weekend. We are lucky enough for this to happen a couple of times a year.

We had a blast at The Henry Ford with The Maker Fair

I also appreciate the Facebooking of a some people to entertain and inform me. Josh and I have been known to talk about the gems that my girlfriend Becky finds while at dinner (honestly she rules FB). My buddy Guido live comments during award shows, I don’t even watch them but read his feed for the laughs. There are people reading this via Facebook right now, many who check the “Coming this week” post to see where we are. They aren’t blog people and don’t want to subscribe but want to see what we are up to, Aunt Vivian that’s you.

This is a gem Becky shared

Facebook fills my day with friends and family, keeping us close while we are so far away. I know how school is going or what the kitchen reno looks like. I don’t miss out on it all anymore. Last week while in Canada I could keep up with my Pops on FB messenger and not get charged for international calls, I feel closer to him since he joined. He knows where we are (sometimes I don’t even know that), knows what we are up too and talks to me nearly every day. I love that.

So go ahead and dislike Facebook but you’ll not sway me. I’ll deal with the grocery lists to see all the smiling faces.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

Sweet home Chicago!  This week we will be back in Illinois, doing shows around the Chicago area.   We will hopefully be arriving in time to watch the Bears season opener with some family.  I can’t think of a better way to start the season, BEAR DOWN!!!  And remember don’t call me on Sunday.  As you can see that map keeps getting more and more spread out.  We are trying to hit a number of markets before this tour ends for the year.  Next week we will hit Greensboro and Birmingham.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Song of the week: Boys from Alabama by Cross Canadian Ragweed


Week in Review:  Montreal was lovely but made so more by having a special tour guild.  We often make jokes about having family everywhere, we really do.  Josh’s cousin Andrea just moved to the city four months ago showed us around.  We tried to hit as many of the neighborhoods as possible but enjoyed Old Montreal above all.  Keeping with tradition we also tried poutine, a first for all of us.  I don’t know how I feel about it, a bowl of cheese, fries and gravy all good but a bit strange.  It is now checked off the list and we moved quickly to other yummy meals.

You don't have to ask me twice to go into a year round Christmas store!!!

You don’t have to ask me twice to go into a year round Christmas store!!!


Barefoot 2.0

If you have been following this blog for a while then you are aware of my affinity for Merrell and their wonderful Barefoot shoes.  Both Josh and I have owned a number of their “glove” offerings, the minimalist sole is supportive without being heavy, I feel more balanced and move faster in them while working.



However I have started running again and could feel my feet start to fatigue after about two miles while wearing the pace glove.  I don’t want to go back to a structured running shoe but also don’t want sore feet.  Minimalist shoes really work for me, they are not ideal for everyone.  I did break down and purchase a new pair of shoes but was never really happy with them, especially after a 5K in them.  While shopping for new hiking boots I saw something exciting, the newest evolution from Merrell, Bare Access.

They are AMAZING!!!!  Just a slight upgraded sole, some additional arch support but still very light.  My feet feel no fatigue and still feel very connected to the ground.  Plus they are cute, I am actually amazed at how well they match just about everything.  I wear they not just to run but also at work when we are setting up events.  I found that after switching to a minimalist shoe I moved much safer at work.  You feel you steps and I don’t trip over things and can move better around the gear as we are working.  This is just my option.  If you have tried a bare or low profile show before but found them lacking I would recommend giving the Access series a try.

***This blog is not sponsored by or connected to Merrell/Wolverine Shoe company. I simply believe in the product and wish to share my experiences.***

Wordless Wednesday

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