Wordless Wednesday


Well I hope no one is trying too hard to follow our upcoming schedule because it just changed again.


I am currently in Florida but head out Monday to join up with Josh in Nashville. He is in St. Louis today, actually going to see my parents. After Nashville we roll onto Knoxville but plan to actually spend the week in Asheville.

Week in Review:
Well many things were a bit rattled this week. I spent the entire week in Florida and Josh was in St. Louis for most of it. He went to City Museum and had a great time. He said it was incredible. As you can see it was pretty crazy.




He made sure to take a pic with one of my buddies

He made sure to take a pic with one of my buddies



My Little Secret

It’s not really a secret but something I don’t talk about on this blog, I read….obsessively. This will shock some who knew me when was younger, I am dyslexic and it is only on an eReader I can accomplish this. I average 10 books a month. I don’t like sappy novels like Three Cups of Tea or My Sisters Keeper. I usually read what is being made into a movie or is getting press. What I enjoy the most is fantasy and science fiction. Give me a book about travel or vampires, yes vampires, and I’m happy. I also listen to audiobooks, when I walk Pippi or doing the set-up for event, filling my mind with the words of others. Reading that many books a week would certainly break the bank if it weren’t for Overdrive.

What is Overdrive, it is your library delivered to your chosen device. Via your current library card you can access 1,000s of titles for a lending period, usually 21 days. There are no late fees, at the end of a borrowing period the book is no longer accessibility. I read from an iPad on the Overdrive app but they also lend in kindle format too. To see if your library has overdrive visit the search page here. You might even get lucky and be part of a larger network with a vast catalog. We not only use our library cards but have the numbers of a few kind others, giving us more options. So if epubs aren’t your thing consider sharing your login with someone or me. Seriously we can always use more access.

I highly recommend this for my fellow travelers.  Check out a book before your trip and enjoy, no car firing around a book, no cost and you already have the device with you.  Logins work internationally too, I used it with ease while I’m New Zealand, Canada and Mexico over the last few years.

Wordless Wednesday


Study Buddies

I am a little more than halfway done with my masters in marketing. I am working on it via the online program at SNHU. It’s unique that it is not a program but graduate school. I can choose my classes with greater freedom, don’t have a structured 18 month program. I am with different people every term.

Every week I find myself thanking someone for their help with assignments. I am sure this is just a part of a getting a masters, that you start to see your scholastic connection in real life. The people around me so often have shared some piece of knowledge that gives me the thoughts for a piece of writing. From a Tumblr post by my BiL to something I picked from a training session hosted in the truck, I am deeply grateful for the community around me. I am surrounded by brilliant and creative individuals.

This has become a way for me to get closer to some of those passing connections we have. While I have also discovered I am freakishly fast writer, the writing still needs to be done. So while watching football with cousins I can run a few ideas by them. Getting an enticing unique perspective or a brand I wouldn’t have known about. My amazing mother is always there to answer a random question about how she feels about certain brands. Even my clients get an email or two. I am realizing that while my undergrad taught me more about how be an adult than communications, my masters is showing me how much more we can get from the people around us.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

Had I written this post last week it would have needed a major edit, both of our schedules changed last minute yesterday. I am on a flight to Florida, picking up the Animal Connections Tour in the Tampa area. I will be in Leesburg for two days then off to finish the week out in Venice for the Chalk Festival. Josh is in New Orleans for a few days and then off to Memphis and St. Louis later in the week, his project is not open to the public but if you are already going to a football game in one of those cities he would love a shout out. Week one being apart has been ok, a really change for us. Next is a bit unsure but I will start in Florida and probably head back to Detroit, Josh is going to Nashville, Durham and Knoxville.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Week in Review:

I spent last week in Detroit, wrapping up my previous tour and helping out on a cool project from the Detroit Art Institute called DIA Away. This truck will be going to schools all the Detroit area next year. Josh’s project was mostly undergoing movement and maintenance, a great way to get his hands dirty with a trailer neither of us have worked with. It is not the traditional double-expandable like we are usually with.

I’m not sure how to make sense out of our upcoming schedule so I put up new calendar pages.  Josh and I are going to help out on separate tours until the end of the year.  I will be mostly in Detroit, sometimes joining Josh.  I will probably be in Chicago often too.  Josh will be doing some miles this week he hits Houston and Auburn, AL.  However before we return to work there are some adventures yet to be had.  First of all I am going to Ohio to get some R&R and we are ending the week with a BANG!  We have tickets to the see USA Rugby play the New Zealand All Blacks at Soldier Field in Chicago.  We are also going to be seeing tons of friends from all over the country who are also going.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Week in Review: Last week was wonderful, we spent time off the road relaxing with family.  There was some time to watch a movie and the choice was Gone Girl, we have both read the book (all of Flynn’s actually).  We are in disagreement of this one.  I loved it, he thought it was long.  If you have not read the book you will love it, if you have it’s a tossup.

My mom made meatloaf "cupcakes" for me.  That is mashed potato frosting!!

My mom made meatloaf “cupcakes” for me. That is mashed potato frosting!!



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