All Her Rowdy Friends

Traveling with a dog certainly has its challenges but I think Pippi is worth it. She is a very friendly little dog, minds it none to be petted, loved on or cuddled with by new people. We joke that many people asked where she is before they even say hello. Pippi certainly knows how to draw a crowd with her arroos and tail wags.


Furry Like Fala

In honor of the new FDR movie coming out we have decided to let Pippi’s grooming go this month, so that she can be furry like Fala. I am aware that the film is set before Fala was born but what the heck. Pippi is usually very well groomed, we actually try different looks from time to time. She has even had a mohawk before. I don’t plan to keep her fuzzy for long but while she is in Illinois (and the cold) she will have some extra furs.


What about Pippi?

On Tuesday I shared our travel plans for our upcoming trip to New Zealand, some wonderful follows asked where Pippi was going to be. She is going to spend three lovely weeks with Josh’s folks and her bestie Chancho. I’m certain there will penalty of stories from that trip alone.

Best Dog Ever

Pippi can now be given the title of Best Dog Ever, at least best behaved. Would your little furry friend stay put if you forgot to close the door and left? I’m horribly embarrassed at having left the door wide open in the first place and upon returning, seeing my mistake, nearly lost it. That was until I saw that Pippi was just patently sitting there waiting for me to return. Who knows what temptation she resisted, how many squirrels ran by or bunnies out for a stroll. So many unpleasant thoughts ran through my head and I nearly kissed the fur off of her head. We’re lucky she’s a doll and nothing happened.