Coming This Week: December 18 – 24

As you can imagine we head home for our Holiday break this week. It looks like we'll be in East Dubuque for a week starting on Friday. However before we head out there is one final show to finish out 2011. This will be the first time that we work on the American Legacy tour. ... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: November 6 – 12

We're back to the office in Madison Heights, MI moved into the company apartment to boot.  Helping out around the office and finishing projects for the Library of Congress tour.  We will be hopping up to Toronto for a day trip but back to Michigan that evening. Post of the Week:  Thought this would be... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: October 23 – 29

Well I made it safely back to Detroit after my 14 hour drive back from Minneapolis. Then immediately departed for Greensboro, NC. Josh and I rare helping out the sales team with a few prospective client meetings. We will then head back to the office in Michigan. Post of the Week: This comes a great... Continue Reading →

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