Coming This Week: August 23rd – 29th

It was fun while it lasted, we spent just two weeks out with this tour, now we are going back into the shop for a few modifications.  So it will be a few days in Indianapolis then some time in Madison Heights.  However next week has some excitement.  We will be heading to Chicago for... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: October 26th – November 8th

I'm not sure how to make sense out of our upcoming schedule so I put up new calendar pages.  Josh and I are going to help out on separate tours until the end of the year.  I will be mostly in Detroit, sometimes joining Josh.  I will probably be in Chicago often too.  Josh will... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: December 9 – 15

Definitely wrapping up our year quickly now.  We left Indy late last week and went back to Detroit.  This week we will finish up the preparations for taking the truck out again next year.  This coming weekend my family is getting together to celebrate the Holidays.  We are all meeting up at my uncle's home... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: April 22 – 28

Well there was a slight change in plans last week. Josh is coming back to meet me today. Our new tour starts on Monday and he is bringing that truck up from being completed. We have three shows this week around the Detroit Metro area and then we head for Milwaukee and Cedar Falls.

Coming This Week: April 15 – 21

Unfortunately Josh and I will be spending another two weeks apart, he arrived back just in time to see me for Easter but had to leave again on Thursday. He is once again helping out another driver whom needed to leave a tour. I am staying in Detroit to work on items for our upcoming... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: March 11 – 17

Well this week we head to Toronto! Oh yeah ten days in Canada (March 16 - 16). We are taking an exhibit for the American Welding Society to FAB-Tech Canada. Post of the Week: Please enjoy the training site of our dear friend Rhonda Lee, a Canadian Champion Body Builder. We will be getting a... Continue Reading →

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