A Mighty Boulder

Alright these are the last photos from our camping trip but with so many cool places to shoot it was impossible not to take advantage. Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania in home to a large boulder field. Another delightful feature that those pesky glaciers left behind.

We did have to share the surroundings with gaggles of teenagers, troupes of Boy Scout and clusters of families but I think we captured the moment just for us.

It was a bit treacherous to hike out onto the field, the boulders move!!! And my camera is precious to me. I’m sure that we looked like goofballs out there but it was fun.

As if the rocking boulders weren’t hazardous enough, there are pits too. This is Josh doing his impression of a dwarf.

Water, Water Everywhere

While Josh was doing a little fishing I thought it might be fun to try my hand at moving water photography. The first few shots I took were from a wooden platform.

After that I got a little braver and climbed some rocks to get into the steams a bit.

That just wasn’t good enough so I donned my water shoes and climbed out into the rushing waters. This really is the best way. Had to really get a solid grip on my tripod. I’m very happy with these and I’m only going to get better!

Campsite Photoshoot

Our chosen form of R&R last weekend was a quick camping trip to Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania. It has been more than a year since we have went camping together. Oddly enough we each when while on our separate vacations. While we were lounging about I thought it might be fun to set up an impromptu photoshoot. Get some catalog and add style practice. I also have two very cooperative models.

Doesn’t everything coordinate well?!? Now some of that is not total coincidence and I am partial to orange but wow it looks like I planned this. I tried to focus on a different product in each shot. Josh helped by moving labels around.

The Marmot tent was easy, being the largest item in the shot. I placed the Travelocity Gnome in the center to make for easy focus.

Capturing the Pillow Pet and the ENO hammock were a bit tricky. While the ENO hammock has such a distinct look I still wanted the brand to show. The pillow pet got lost in the mix, next time I’ll consider putting Pippi on it. Doesn’t she just look precious?