Coming This Week: February 19 – 25

This week we will be spending most of our time wrapping things up at the office for a month long trip back out into the road. We will be arriving in the Twin Cities on Friday to launch. This is just an outline for the trip, check the calendar page for updates. Twin Cities -... Continue Reading →

With Flying Colors

A question I often get is "What do you do with Pippi?" Well, she usually is with us all the time, even on vacation. The only time we don't take her with us is when leaving the US (she does go to Canada). In those rare situations we prefer to use a more hands on... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: November 6 – 12

We're back to the office in Madison Heights, MI moved into the company apartment to boot.  Helping out around the office and finishing projects for the Library of Congress tour.  We will be hopping up to Toronto for a day trip but back to Michigan that evening. Post of the Week:  Thought this would be... Continue Reading →

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