Last Nights Dinner

Josh traditionally fixes dinner on Mondays, being that he is home, so I got a real treat. He used the last of the Trout from his fishing trip to make Fish and Chips. It was wonderful, the chips were just a little soft and the fish batter was wonderfully light and fluffy. Accompanied by a bottle of Barefoot Pinot Grigio and fresh Asparagus, it was to die for. Now I just need to get a little better at taking pictures of food.

Big Fishing Trip

This weekend Josh joined our friend Jedd and some of Jedd’s family on a fishing trip in Duluth. I got to spend the weekend with friends at a cabin (no phones, love it). They started out in the wee morning hours on Lake Superior to catch 13 trout between the 5 of them. I think this is pretty good since 15 is the limit. One of the gentlemen actually caught the second largest fish of this season for that boat. Needless to say dinner on Monday was YUMMY.