Vida Loca

We've been pretty busy the last few days, fun busy. Since finding out that we would be visiting Asheville, NC on this tour I have been planning our visit. Bound to be packed with food, music, shopping, fishing, beers and a little history. The past few nights we have been out to see concerts, not... Continue Reading →

Whata Brew

Now we did something really cool this weekend, we helped bottle a home-brew beer.  Austin is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  He now resides in Greensboro with his lovely wife Katherine and has taken quite a shine to home-brewing.  We have been lucky enough to have a few tastes of his yeasty concoctions... Continue Reading →

Our 4th the Tourist Part

Along with spending the weekend with friends and enjoying wholesome activities we also tour a few local hot spots.  Before the grandkids arrived our friend's parents took us on a county-wide tasting.  These are still a little new for us but so much fun.  We started at Veritas Winery where our hosts were members.  You... Continue Reading →

Dude Fest

After some wholesome fun with the Campbells we moved onto Charlotte to see Bryan.  Bryan is Josh's oldest friend, they have been buds since Cub Scouts and over the years their friendship has been a strong guiding force for each other.  We used to spend a week with Bryan every year but now we just... Continue Reading →

From Holland with Love

Now I am a firm believer that this is the perfect way to start your weekend! A sampler from a killer MicoBrewey call New Holland Brewery in Holland, MI set the mood right. With the aid of some liquid relaxants we headed to the beach. I am not a huge fan of sand in the... Continue Reading →

We’re Back, I Swear

I know that postings have been a little lacking. As much as I love my job it has been stressful as a of late. So many shows and tour changes have had me hitting the hay instead of logging on. It's certainly not due to the fact that we have not been on the road... Continue Reading →

New Section Coming

One of our biggest hobbies on the road is visiting Micro-Breweries and Brewpubs. We have decided that since visiting so many gems we should start sharing a few. I will be adding a section with reviews of the ones find. Make sure to tell us about ones you love too!!!

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