Momento App

I have a thing for tracking apps.  I like Swarm (formally Foursquare), Untappd, I’ve got an Apple Watch that tracks well just about everything, you name it I either use it or have tried it, but until recently I didn’t have a good way to search all that data.  That’s where Momento comes in, this app links to all the others and creates a sort of diary that is also searchable.  For example I had a friend who wanted to know where we stopped to eat after attending a rugby match a year back, I just loaded that day on the app and scrolled into the time log.  Boom I found that place.

It can also be set to send you an alert each day with a breakdown of what you did that day in the past from all your connected apps.  I always find it interesting when we are back in the same place at the same time years later.  This app has settled a few arguments as well, there is a way to see when we were someplace before LOL.


While you might not be into tracking everything from how much water you drink to where you stayed last night, I love it.  Momento is a just an easy to use database (with a diary function) that lets me indulge a little.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***


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