The Layover

We recently caught an episodes of Travel Channel’s The Layover. We are both already fans of Anthony Bourdain, although some of his recent project have not been to my taste. As his life and world view have changed, so have the work. The Layover appealed to us because there are so many occasions when we have a limited amount of time, resources, or mobility in cool locations. The Layover is all about finding the thing to do in a place. This is easier when you aren’t traveling every day, we often don’t have the time or inclination to pre-plan. There are certain gems that you must experience. New Orleans is one of those places, no matter how much or little time you have, there is a memory to be made.

This is an oldy but a goody
This is an oldy but a goody

After watching Bourdain’s 48 hours in Nola, it got us both thinking about how much we enjoy that city but not for the obvious reasons. There is no other place in the US with such a unique culture, not always noticeable on Bourbon Street. This is not to say that you shouldn’t take part in that wild time once, but the city offers much more and better places to booze and hear music. Part of living this lifestyle is meeting people from all over and gathering a large network. We have the privilege to know a couple of really cool cats in New Orleans, including a native. Hanging out with a local in the know is truly awesome and has been a large part in formulating our opinion of Nola.

Pippi going Steampunk for the parade
Pippi going Steampunk for the parade

The different cultures and classes live so close together, that they blend and it creates what is uniquely New Orleans. Different interest and world views are mixed together and appreciate to grow what is NoLa. This is very apparent in the food. While there are many traditional Louisiana foods, anything you eat in the city has a bit of the melting pot to it. That is also to say that New Orleans is not the place to start your diet. Next time you are thinking about going to a city as well known as this one consider some options that don’t make the top 10. I assure you that it will still be fun and possibly a more authentic visit.

A fabulous dinner at Three Sister, one of my favs

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  1. I’ve only been to New Orleans once. It was in late June and the temperature was hot, hot, and humid. I loved every moment of it. I got to explore it by myself. My husband spent the day at a convention and I spend the day exploring. At night we went to different restaurants. The Three Sisters was a favorite.

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