Time and Grief

My apologies for being away so long, we are still out here but it has just been a hard month.  I needed to be selfish and take some time.


In April my grandmother Pat passed away.  I wanted to talk about her here but each time I started it was too hard.  To explain to those who didn’t know this unique woman, is a talk my heart can’t bear.  She was a huge part of my life and my last living grandparent.  For the last seven years my mother, whom is one of my closest friends, was her advocate and many times a caregiver.  Pat’s health declined slowly and as her needs changed so did the responsibilities of my mother.  I miss her, even though we were not always close I still miss her.  I also feel the changes this has had on the lives of my parents.  They are figuring out life without her in it.  While I am sad, this is a happy time for everyone.  My grandmother fell in the weeks before her passing and was in a great deal of pain, this and along with complications effected her greatly.  She is at rest with so many that love her now.


Grandma and her beautiful grand-daughters
Grandma and her beautiful grand-daughters

Unfortunately this is not the sole reason for my break in writing.  Three weeks ago Pippi ingested something while we were camping that caused blockage.  She underwent emergency surgery, something so many pet parents are familiar with.  While they were performing an ultrasound, a thickening of her stomach lining was found and a biopsy performed. Once again I just couldn’t bring myself to talk about it.  Her surgery was pretty large due to the need to access the two areas.  She was recovering very slow and until I knew something it was just overwhelming.  I am happy to share that Pippi is making a good recovery, she is almost 9 and this was big.  The biopsy came back benign, so the only worries we have now are addressing what is irritating her stomach.  She is our little diehard.


My poor little bean
My poor little bean

To top it all off my In-laws found a fur-ever home for the pug Chancho.  This was always their intent but I love that little guy.  I will miss him dearly.  He is with a distant relative and they fell madly in love with him before they even knew he was available for adoption.  It’s the best possible outcome but still.


Sweet Pug
Sweet Pug

This has been a rough month.  Thank you to those who send messages of concern from my absence.  I am back.

8 thoughts on “Time and Grief

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  1. You are a strong young lady and that strength is partly generated from you dear grandmother and exceptional mom. Keep loving life and those around you. Much love always . Lora

  2. OH MY!

    Too much sadness and hardship. Your silence was deafening.

    Hug that Pippi girl and know that there is a light at the end of your tunnel. And that it has a name: benign. Such a great word, isn’t it?

    ArOOOO! Stuart

  3. Our sympathy for the loss of your grandmother. You are lucky that your little girl survived her experience with eating something that was not meant to be eaten. We had the opposite outcome 6 years ago with one of our Scotties. We hope that the rest of the year brings you only happiness.

  4. Yes it has been a rough time for you. I love that picture of Chancho! Just got an email from Bob about how much they are enjoying him.😊

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