My Little Secret

It’s not really a secret but something I don’t talk about on this blog, I read….obsessively. This will shock some who knew me when was younger, I am dyslexic and it is only on an eReader I can accomplish this. I average 10 books a month. I don’t like sappy novels like Three Cups of Tea or My Sisters Keeper. I usually read what is being made into a movie or is getting press. What I enjoy the most is fantasy and science fiction. Give me a book about travel or vampires, yes vampires, and I’m happy. I also listen to audiobooks, when I walk Pippi or doing the set-up for event, filling my mind with the words of others. Reading that many books a week would certainly break the bank if it weren’t for Overdrive.

What is Overdrive, it is your library delivered to your chosen device. Via your current library card you can access 1,000s of titles for a lending period, usually 21 days. There are no late fees, at the end of a borrowing period the book is no longer accessibility. I read from an iPad on the Overdrive app but they also lend in kindle format too. To see if your library has overdrive visit the search page here. You might even get lucky and be part of a larger network with a vast catalog. We not only use our library cards but have the numbers of a few kind others, giving us more options. So if epubs aren’t your thing consider sharing your login with someone or me. Seriously we can always use more access.

I highly recommend this for my fellow travelers.  Check out a book before your trip and enjoy, no car firing around a book, no cost and you already have the device with you.  Logins work internationally too, I used it with ease while I’m New Zealand, Canada and Mexico over the last few years.

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  1. I never installed the updates and nothing is removed from my nano. I have been using it for two years. Our library now has Hoopla. You are limited in the amount of time that you can keep something.

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