Coming This Week: August 31st – September 6th

This week we are in Canada. Montreal and Ottawa.  This is a bit exciting due to a first visit to Montreal.  Next (hopefully by Sunday) we will be in Chicago.  If we can make the time right we will get to there in time to watch the Bears season opener with family.  The week after will bring us to Greensboro and Birmingham, AL.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the week: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, we are fans of not only BRMC but the genre. Their sound is often grouped in with The White Stripes and The Black Crows.

Week in review: We ate famously. Not only did we have a few divine meals but they were at some well know New Jersey haunts. First up (and two second up) was Clemente Italian Bakery, not being from the NY/NJ area visiting an Italian bakery is an experience all in its own. This is a local and non-local favorite for picking up cheeses, meats and other goodies to keep any Italian household running smoothly. We went for the incredible sandwiches, twice. It is nestled into a more industrial part of Meadowlands Area and a don’t miss.

In 2006 GQ released a list of 20 hamburgers to try before you die. I am pescatarian but to enjoy meat on occasion. We have been to a few of these and knocked another off the list last week. White Manna Hamburgers is one part dive, one part soup nazi and one part manna from heaven. There is no glitz to this place but the burgers are hot, oniony and just amazing. I can’t image how good they would be on a hangover but we left just a the hipsters were invading on a Sunday morning.

We also made it a cinema week, going to see The Giver and Guardians of the Galaxy. I am a fan of Lois Lowery but enjoyed the Dine-in theatre more than the film. I would highly recommend Guardians of the Galaxy to everyone, fun, funny and a good setup for the series to start.

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