Rawr I’m a Bear

How many Scottie moms out there refer to their little fur as a bear cub? With all the hair and those little legs they look like little bear cubs. Well I can assure you that they look nothing like an actual bear when one is dangerously close to your campsite.

Bear 1

On our last weekend in Colorado we took advantage of a few extra days and went camping in the mountains near Colorado Springs. Not near the burn areas but not far away either. Being a holiday weekend the camping sites available were a bit limited, so we ended up near the dumpsters and that’s where the fun begins. Around 4am we had a visitor, a black bear variety guest. He made quite a racket pushing the dumpster across the parking lot before opening and diving into it. Now I was terrified, but Josh being well Josh he knew it was his duty to chase the bear away. And to his credit he did scare the bear off, for about 20 minutes. So for the next 2 hours we were woken multiple times by the garbage bear and his snacking attempts. Each time we chased him off but each time he moved a bit slower. That was until around 6:30 when it was so light out that we got these shots of him. It was quite unnerving to have a bear this close to the campsite and from the looks of the dumpster he visits often.

Bear 3

Now what was Pippi my fearless terrier doing during this ordeal? She was wide awake, starring that bear down and not making one tiny little peep.

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  1. That’s actually pretty awesome, to be so close to a bear! There is something about the wilderness that makes you believe we are just a small dot in the spectrum of things!

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