My Teammate

I often use Travel Tuesday for a gripe about something but this week I want to talk about a positive.  I work with my husband; spend nearly every day and all day with him.  He is not just my partner in life, is he is my co-worker, my teammate.  Those who know us often see how different we are, that our personalities are much the opposite.  Life together is never boring.  I know this is also the reason that working together is so nice.  We are keen at picking up the other’s slack.  What tasks I struggle with, Josh is often the perfect person for the job.  We see problems from different angles and usually come up with the best solution because of this.  An example of this was a failed coffee machine a few weeks back, it started working funny in the middle of a show.  Had it been my decision I would have tossed the coffee maker out and bought a new one to keep the show moving.  Josh however took the time to call in a coffee order for Starbucks then take the machine into the back to trouble shoot.  In the end he had it in parts and got it replaced on a warranty.  Being opposites makes us the perfect team.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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