But I am a Big Dog

While dogs are allowed in Yosemite they are not permitted on most of the trails. Not that Pippi minds all that much, she’s more of a leisurely stroll kind of gal anyway. The trail we did on day one was one of the dog friendly variety. A gentle 2 miles hike to a sequoia grove. Even that was tough on those little legs. Our second day was planned for a day/overnight trip. I would accompany Josh for part of his hike in for an overnight stay and finish my hike alone. Not something Pippi was welcome to join in on. Many of the park services are not available yet, like their day boarding service. That’s how we found Big Creek Boarding after a quick chat the owner agreed to take Pippi for the day. The next morning this lucky dog got to spend the day playing with about 6 other hounds. I know she had a blast. Everyone treated us and Pippi like we were old friends and took wonderful care of her. We are partial to smaller and in home boarding service. Big Creek Boarding is exactly the kind of place we want Pippi to stay when we can’t have her with us. They do cater to larger and well socialized dogs but who ever convinced a scottie they weren’t a big dog.

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