Coming This Week: April 7 – 13

Vegas was great, but a week was enough for me.  I do look forward to another visit, this time staying at a resort with a killer pool.  We are back in Phoenix this week and will soon be making a run to California that will take us through May.

6 thoughts on “Coming This Week: April 7 – 13

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  1. Hey looks like you’re not being fair to the husband in your cover photo. He looks like he’s really lost some weight – I’m wondering how you do that strapped behind a wheel all day every day??? You might have to update the cover photo.

      1. So you guys spend more time on/at event installations – got it. The guy still has lost serious weight – bravo! Hope you guys swing thru the East Coast soon.

          1. well I hope I get to say hello when you all are back east – it looks like you’ll be nearby in north jersey.

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