Inheriting a Suitcase and a Legacy

After saying our final goodbyes to Josh’s Nana just before Thanksgiving we spent a weekend with family sharing stories about this amazing woman. Her funeral was on Friday and much of the family was able to stay through the weekend. Being a part of this close family can be a bit overwhelming at times but this time it was a great comfort.

With some people needing to leave sooner than others it was decided that this was as good of time as any to make sure that anyone who wanted something of Bernie’s should take it now. Every teapot and vase lead to more stories and many, many more laughs were shared. Each person remembers her a bit differently. For me she tried so hard to get to know me. Make sure that I felt comfortable from that first Christmas. She always wanted to know what sewing project I was into and even sent me a text or two. She traveled the world, with her family and with those lucky enough to be considered her close friend. She was someone that I could talk to about the places we had been and she often could give me a tale or two from being there herself.

Her photo albums are filled with snapshots from places like Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, and Antarctica. She was one to just go do it, not letting anything pass her by. Bernie lived life to the fullest. I hope to take a little of that with me, to watch for opportunities and not be hesitant to try and see things. I took one of her suitcases and it will start its journey with me on our trip to New Zealand. I think she would have been thrilled to hear about our big trip.

Love and miss you Nana B.

4 thoughts on “Inheriting a Suitcase and a Legacy

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  1. What a great attitude to life! You’ll always have a bit of her with you on your journeys.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Kiwis talk funny–they mix up their ‘e’s and i’s’……

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