Not So Different

The way that Josh and I live may seem quite strange or extreme to some people. While we don’t have a home of our own and live out of a suitcase maybe my life isn’t that different from yours.

Like you have a space to take care of, mine just folds up and rolls down the road at the end of the day. We vacuum, dust, and clean the place up. We greet guests at the front door and offer them a bottle of water or a cup of coffee. We serve lunch to those who have joined us for the day.

We eat dinner together every night at the table, that table just happens to be in a restaurant. I am not a good cook and don’t miss it one bit. I do miss having a quiet dinner together with the fireplace going.

Just like most of you we walk the dog, do laundry, and miss our families when not together. Sure my home is the hotel we stop at that night but it’s with Josh. Now I don’t have to make my own bed or fold towels but who likes doing that anyway.

My life’s really not that much different from yours.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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