If you have not read “At Home” by Bill Bryson I would highly recommend it. Both Josh and I are fans of Bryson, having put away most of his catalog. Last year we listened to the audiobook version of “A Brief History of Nearly Everything”, if you want to learn a little physics there is no better way than spiced with the humor of Bryson. At Home is similar but much more of a trip into the rambling mind of the author. If you ever wondered why we have salt and pepper on the table or how the closet got its name this is a book for you. What I enjoyed the most is that as much as Bryson tries to stay inside the home he runs through some random and interesting history surrounding architecture, British aristocrats and industrial developments.

One of the trains of thought discussed is how fashion changed with society and industrial developments. At one point he discussed that dressing fashionably is the way to you show the world that you don’t need to do manual labor to make a living. This really resonated with me; during the day I change my clothes from the un-fashionable work wear of the labor portion of my job to cute dresses and heals. I always get a kick out of how folks just can’t believe that I’m part of the set-up team. Maintaining a functional and fashionable wardrobe can be a bit tricky without an actual closet to put clothes in. I do my best.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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