Coming This Week: September 23 – 29

We have made a quick turn North for a few shows before heading back down the Eastern edge of the US. Most of this week we will be in the Lowell, MA area but will likely be going down to Concord on our down days. I don’t know as of yet where we will be next week. Either Pennsylvania or Maryland.

Song of the Week: Uneasy Rider – Charlie Daniels Band – Just makes me laugh

Notes From Last Week: We had a lovely visit with Josh’s cousin Erika in her new home of Charlottesville VA.  Also had dinner with one of my dear friends, whom lives in Virginia.  The reason for our trip to the DC area was to be a part of a huge conference for all of the senior management of our client.  It was a bit nerve-racking but also very fun.  This weekend is the National Book Festival on DC making it the fourth year in a row we have spent this week in DC (we were not at the festival this year).

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