Coming this Week: May 20 – 26

We spent the weekend in Allentown, PA; getting a little rest before a crazy week. Our stops will include Clifton, NJ; Fairfax, VA; Columbia, MD.

Courtesy of Google Maps

I really can’t complain because we will then be rolling to the Carolinas and we will have some time off to spend with friends.

This past week was a blur, we had four shows in four different cities with this new tour. I hinted at what this new tour was on Friday but I soon hope to give you a better preview.

Song of the week: Dallas by the Flatlanders

Rental Cars this week: A missive Lincoln Towncar, if I was taking a roadtrip this would be the ideal vehicle. Very large and very comfortable. We also were able to score a Chevy Equinox, a beast but nothing really special. It is solid however.

We did manage to find an interesting hotel, while a bit dated the Somerset Hills Hotels in Warren, NJ the rooms are comfortable and the in house restaurant fantastic.

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