Just a Little Water Won’t Hurt

It was a great time shooting pics while diving, a bit crazy at times. We borrowed a housing from a friend whom was kind of let us try out underwater photography. To make sure that it wouldn’t leak at depth we took it down a few times with a weight in it. After a few tries and the case coming up dry we decided to have a go at taking down our camera. As I previewed last week, the results were good. The housing works to a depth of about 50 ft below sea level, then the pressure makes the case too tight and compresses all the buttons.

We were able to work about this little issue and continued taking it down. After a couple of days Josh had a try at it. Unfortunately something went wrong with the housing and it LEAKED!!! Yep drowning my camera. So I will be taking it in this week hoping that the insurance will cover the damage. Otherwise I get a new camera!


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  1. LOL! I never trust my camera not meant for deep water to deep water- i learned the hard way- land cameras were meant for the land- and submersables,well for submersing- good luck with the geek squad

  2. Oh so so sad. I tried and tried the underwater photo thing but never was satisfied enough with the results compared to the cost, the hassle and the risk. I finally decided that I’d rather enjoy my dives and be in the moment…and if I needed to see photos of the fish, there are plenty of great books and great photos available.

    Hope your insurance covers it, but if not, the new D800 has been announced and can be pre-ordered….just saying!;)

  3. I understand that the D90 is awesome! And, yes, coming back to snow after Cozumel can be a shock to the system, but glad you had fun.

    I’m with you on the fish postcards…AND the rudeness of some divers with cameras!

    Welcome home.

  4. Salt water wreaks havoc with electronics.

    I know it’s a little late for this advice, but experts say that to increase your chance of saving the camera, a dunk in fresh water followed by speed drying (Blow drier?) might help.

    It also depends on how much ocean got into the camera in the first place. Some camera’s have better seals than others. I suspect that the D90 is not one of the good ones . . .

    Here’s hoping.

    D700s might be coming down in price now that there’s a D800 in the wings. They are the very best cameras for the money right now.

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