2011 A Year in Review

Courtesy of Google Maps

This is usually a fun post to write, I try to keep track of a few things throughout the year to make a tally of different stats. We really made some miles this year. So here we go in 2011 we:

Visited 35 States – A monumental year and I crossed Maine off of my lifetime list
Traveled 20,000 Miles – This is a guesstiment since I use our GPS to track this stat and one of our GPS devices was stolen this year
Stayed 315 nights in Hotels – We did stay a month in our company’s apartment
Flashed our passports in 2 Countries – United States and Belize
Worked on 3 different Tours – Library of Congress, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and Meijer Virtual Playground

I would invite you all to ask for any additional stats too. I’ll do my best.

7 thoughts on “2011 A Year in Review

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  1. How exciting, you are really living the dream. I would definitely live in a semi truck with my husband and travel around to see all the states. When we retire in a few years, we want to do something just like this. Everyday is a new adventure and something to look forward to.

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