2011 A Year in Review

Courtesy of Google Maps

This is usually a fun post to write, I try to keep track of a few things throughout the year to make a tally of different stats. We really made some miles this year. So here we go in 2011 we:

Visited 35 States – A monumental year and I crossed Maine off of my lifetime list
Traveled 20,000 Miles – This is a guesstiment since I use our GPS to track this stat and one of our GPS devices was stolen this year
Stayed 315 nights in Hotels – We did stay a month in our company’s apartment
Flashed our passports in 2 Countries – United States and Belize
Worked on 3 different Tours – Library of Congress, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and Meijer Virtual Playground

I would invite you all to ask for any additional stats too. I’ll do my best.

7 thoughts on “2011 A Year in Review

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  1. this just makes it even clearer to me that you need to come further west…Jake and Albert NEED to see Pippi..they told me so, themselves!

  2. How exciting, you are really living the dream. I would definitely live in a semi truck with my husband and travel around to see all the states. When we retire in a few years, we want to do something just like this. Everyday is a new adventure and something to look forward to.

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