A Very Special New Years Day

We like to spend our New Years in Chicago, close to so many dear friends. This year was no exception. However we had some very special guests join in on the celebrations. Rockmad and Sweetums swung by on their wild cross-country road trip to welcome 2012.

Me and Rockmad

They started a week before in Los Angeles and headed north, thankfully only running into snow once. This was the first time we had met in real life, although I consider Ree to be one of my closest friends and we do talk every day. After a few hugs and a drink it was right down to fun. Hitting some of the great bars in Chicago to count down to Midnight. I feel so fortunate that they made us a part of their trip and that it was not just a quick visit.

We got to see them for three days!!! What better way to start the new year than to visit the tallest building in Chicago. I have to say it was fun; it was a bit striking to step out into the glass boxes.

We also hit up a few other Chicago landmarks including Millennium Park. You’re not a tourist unless you hit this gem. Ree let me strap on a few of her lenses, to Josh’s protest. Poor guy now has a long list of gear I want.

Lens Magic

This was the perfect way to celebrate and we truly loved the time we spent with Ree and Chris.  Dear friends and wonderful people.

Chris and Josh

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