Groomer Auditions

We are currently in the process of finding a new groomer, seems like everyone is doing that these days. I adore Pippi’s groomer Stacey but with the move of our office she is now almost two hours away. I just can’t swing that. I applaud it if you that do; I know a few whom drive at least that. So to start this all over again I’ve tried out a place close my office. The lead groomer has more than 20 years of experience and knows a Scottie cut. She let me know what she thinks should be done then asked what small changes I would like. I also like that this place does not require a laundry list of vaccinations. In my opinion we over-vaccinate Pippi, but because we use kennels there is really no choice. You have to do what they require. This groomer said “That’s up to the owner; I’m not going to tell you how to care for your animal”. With that in mind any owner whom takes the care to have her pooch groomed also cares for proper vaccinating. A few years back I read a blog post chastising pet owners for over-vaccinating; I commented that this is all well and good but those of us who use commercial facilities and groomers don’t have the choice to abstain. We don’t get to send our kids to school without the proper shots. I could argue till I’m blue in the face with kennel owners about my beliefs but in the end we need their services.

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  1. Hey Pippi!! We have a GREAT fur clipper here in Rockford and he is quick and then you could go out to lunch with my mom and by then you would be all done., He is GREAT, my mom loves him, so whatdoya think???


  2. That’s one reason why I just groom the boys myself. Now, some might say that they are ungroomed, which frequently would be correct. But if there’s something special going on, we break out the table and do the deed. But, hey, I don’t wear my party clothes at home during the week either, so why should they? LOL

    As for vaccinations, I’m with you. I try to avoid taking meds whenever possible and do the same for my kids, two-legged and four-legged, alike. BUT, when they’re at risk of exposure, I don’t mess around.

    1. I’m not referring to essential vaccines. I’m referring to commercial facilities requiring non-standard vaccines and on a more then necessary basis.

  3. Good luck Pippi! I hope she is nice and your peeps are happy! Pippen has had a few groomers. Sometimes the ones that are not the most convenient are the best. We tried one that was right on my way to work with a doggie day care attached. I figured that was great! I could drop her off on my way to work, then she could play at the doggie day care for the day and I could pick her up on my way home. I did this once and when I picked her up she acted so weird, I can’t even describe how weird. It was completely unlike her. She hid behind a big plant, she wouldn’t take any treats, she was shaking and she literally jumped over the front passenger seat of my car while we were driving and cowered in the foot space. It was so bizarre. Needless to say, we did not go back. I still worry about what happened to her and this was a few years back. The groomer we have now is super nice and they love Pippen and Jacque!

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